I am very excited for tonight here in Italy.
My art work is being exhibited tomorrow, and tonight my friend’s exhibition is on.
And in less than an hour I am meeting Nick Verreos and David Paul : )

In other words here’s a part of the invitation:

American fashion designer and contestant of the second season of the reality television program Project Runway, Nick Verreos and designer David Paul with their brand NIKOLAKI, will be at this exclusive event as special guest lecturers to relate their fashion experiences. Mazzanti Piume and Libra by Emilia Siano will also present their creations alongside Nikolaki.

I am very thrilled. I haven’t watched Project Runway except for one season my Uncle had bought for me when I wanted to be a designer. So, it will be interesting to see their fashion. I already got a sneak peak at the designs and models. I may get savvy with my camera and snap some shots. 

Hope everyone’s summer is going well