I was happy to find out that my blog made it to Yahoo News. I had no idea since I only just got it this month and only was notified of one or two comments. It wasn’t until today that I opened up my blog and saw I had a lot of things in my spam folder. They were comments that shouldn’t have gotten in Spam but somehow made their way. 
I read them and was delighted to know that people exist, and people read what others have to say.
Thank you for appreciating my words. The world already looks like a better place.

I did the wrong thing, and posted online on one of those “connect with people” sites saying I was happy to hear this news of people finding my blog and reading my posts through Yahoo News. They began to ask me for the link. And from this I realized I didn’t want to give them the link. I didn’t want them to know of my blog.

 I want people to find my blog by coincidence or spontaneity. I don’t want to have to give out my blog name to people. I don’t want my words to be read because I’m directing someone to it. I want it to be a natural thing, if it happens it happens. Is that strange of me to want this?

I don’t want to sugar coat my thoughts and change how I feel or see things because I would know who is reading what I have to say. I want everything I write to come from my soul and be raw. I am an open book on this website. Yes, I may not say my name or where I live or anything specific, but those are for personal reasons. You can know me on a different level.

Extra thoughts:
I see all over: Check out my “twitter,” “facebook,” “youtube,” “tumblr.” It’s fine for other people to do that but for me it crosses a line with the way I think. Maybe I’m more closed off than I like to think I am.
I may own other accounts on other sites and tell people about it to keep in touch, but this site is personal. I can’t openly share it with people I know.
I feel like they wouldn’t be able to really read what I have to say.

I think there’s a point in time when people only care about publicity. I am always in fear that I will get sucked into being cookie cutter and doing what everyone else in media is doing. I’m not writing this for rewards, I am writing for a different kind of recognition.
I began writing this blog because I was lonely. I felt small and fragile. I needed to know someone out there, anyone, existed. And someone did, and made the difference in my life to know that what I have to say is important on some level.

Alright, I will leave this post now. I think I’ve ranted enough.